COVID Update

Dear Loyal Patients,

Great news! We have been given the all-clear to reopen on the 8th of June. While this is welcome news, it will still be some time until we get back to normal.

This does, however, mean that we will be able to see you face to face if you have a problem. We will be able to take x rays and make a full diagnosis.

We may still have to place temporary fillings for now before any large treatments can be performed.

Many of you were in the unfortunate position of finding yourself mid-treatment. From the 8th of June, we will prioritise these cases and look to get your treatment finished as soon as we can.

While the Coronavirus remains a threat and a concern to us all. We have always had strict cross-infection measures in place to deal with other pathogens such as HIV, Hepatitis B and many more. So, while this is a new challenge, we are well prepared.

We are currently putting some restrictions in place. The waiting room will have chairs that are spaced 2 metres apart, and we will be putting up screens in the reception area. On attendance, it will be necessary to wash your hands and it is always advisable to wear a face mask if you have one.

I would like to send a personal message of thanks to you all for your support over the last two months. Many of you had to have your appointments deferred. We will be contacting you all soon to rearrange your appointments.

Some of you, unfortunately, did have emergencies and I’m happy that we could be of assistance to you.

We will gradually return to a ‘new normal’. I’m happy to say this is the beginning.

Kindest regards,

Dr. Reza Faridrad

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