Dental Treatments

Taking your Medical and Dental history
on regular basis and updating our records

Taking digital x-rays:
Bitewing, Periapical, OPG(Orthopantogram)

Scaling and Polishing

Amalgam fillings (silver fillings):
These fillings contain mercury but still one of the most popular fillings among the dentists due to their strength, bactericidal, biocompatibility, easy to mix and use and being cheap. Not very conservative as tooth tissue will be lost during preparation.

Composite fillings (White fillings):
These fillings are resin based and achieving the ultimate aesthetic with these fillings in a short time is now possible. They can stain over time but polishing and removing the stain is possible and replacement of the old white filling may not be necessary. Minimal tooth preparation is sufficient.
Inlay or Onlay:
In order to restore the broken tooth or largely decayed tooth the Inlay/Onlay can both restore and prevent fracturing of the tooth in the future. They have been cast either from Gold or Porcelain and cover the chewing surface and missing surfaces of the damaged tooth.

Crowns are used to restore severely broken down teeth. They can be Porcelain bonded-to-metal or Full Porcelain. In cases where the aesthetic may be compromised by darkening crown/tooth juncture at the gum line Full Ceramic crowns are useful.

There are few types of full-porcelain crowns: Authentic Crown (Pressed Ceramic), Inceram Crown, Procera Crown, Stick Tech Crown.

Missing teeth can be replaced with a bridge. The two adjacent teeth serve as abutments that support the replacement artificial tooth and complete the bridge. Bridges can also be made from full ceramic (metal free). This type of bridges can be: Inceram bridge (Cad/Cam), Stick Tech or Inceram Zirconia

Denture or removable false teeth are useful when the number of the missing are more than 3 or when the gap is too large to be closed by the bridge as too much pressure on the abutments can cause the bridge work to fail in the long run. They can be made from full acrylic or Co-Cr metal skeleton. Teeth on the dentures can be chosen from Acrylic or Porcelain.

Implants: See Dental Implants page for more information.

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