FAQS about dental implant answered by our dentist


Looking for a way to close that gap in your smile?dentist-in-brent

When you come to the Angel Dental Implant Centre, our dentist in Brent can offer you the most realistic prosthetic available to close the gap and restore your smile; dental implants.

And to help you out a bit more, here, our dentist in Brent answers the most common FAQs that we receive about dental implants.

Does having dental implants fitted hurt?

In short, no.

Our dentist in Brent will always ensure that you are comfortable when we fit oral implants and will use a local anaesthetic to remove the sensation of the procedure. If you are a nervous patient, we can offer other alternatives such as intravenous (IV) sedation or general anaesthetic.

When you are at home afterwards, we advise that you use over the counter pain relief such as paracetamol to control the discomfort.

Is anyone suitable for dental implants?

Sadly, no.

There are a few things that are required for you to be suitable to have oral implants fitted. The first is that you will need to have a thick, healthy jaw bone, which our team will confirm using an x-ray. We will also need to ensure that your oral health is in good condition, and will check for issues such as gum disease, which can significantly shorten the lifespan of implants if left untreated.

Our team may also inquire into lifestyle choices; if you smoke cigarettes or drink excessive amounts of alcohol, we cannot stop you from having implants fitted but their longevity may be shortened.

I’m 56- am I too old for dental implants?

No, you aren’t!

There is no upper age limit on having dental implants but you do have to be over 18 years of age to have them fitted.

Provided that you have adequate amounts of healthy jaw bone and that your oral health is in good condition, our team will happily fit them for you! But we will also have to ask a few medical questions too; many illnesses can be contraindicated to receiving dental implants (such as osteoporosis) and so, we need to ensure that you are suitable in all areas to receive them.

How long do they last?

If you commit to the correct aftercare and oral hygiene, dental implants can last up to and over 15 years.

Remember, that implants need to be cared for as though they were your real teeth; you need to brush them twice a day, floss them and attend check-ups with our team biannually so we can keep an eye out for things like gum disease. We will also advise you to give up smoking or drinking excessively, as these activities can also shorten the lives of your implants.

Can I afford them?

Many patients who come to us to have dental implants fitted have concerns that they will be too expensive.

Provided that you pass our suitability check, we will be able to offer you 0% interest-free financing options to help you spread the cost of your implants. And so, you will be able to pay them off gradually, showing off your new smile along the way. Great stuff!


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