Preventive Treatment From The Angel Dental Implant Centre

The Angel Dental Implant Centre (ADIC) is ready to provide you with the very best in preventative dentistry treatments in conjunction with other dental solutions.

The ADIC is a leading dental practise based in Brent, London, offering a wide range of treatments and preventative solutions which all help to keep your teeth looking great and your mouth in a healthy condition.

What kind of preventive dental treatments can Angel Dental Implant Centre offer:

  • Sensitive Teeth
  • Mouth Guard
  • Night Guard
  • Anti-Snoring Appliance
  • Screening for Oral Cancer
  • Stop Gum Disease (Gingivitis and Periodontitis)
  • Stop Bleeding Gums

They also offer sound and comprehensive advice when it comes tooth brushing and the type of tooth paste that you or family should be using to make sure that you get the most from any brush or paste that you decide to use.

They can also offer vital screening for oral cancer and can provide a referral to the Head and Neck surgeon in the early stage of the disease.

They are also specialists in preventive measurements for gingivitis and aggressive Periodontitis (advanced gum disease which affects the bone and tissues around the roots of the teeth) by means of scaling and reviewing your x-rays and comparing them with the previous ones.

If you would like to register with the practice or simply find out more information, then visit the informative website or give the surgery a ring on 02089 693560.

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